City South Magazine LOVES our Shampoo and Conditioner Bars!

MN NAF! salon offers shampoo and conditioner that are easy on the environment.



Do you love your hair products, but feel not as great about them when you think about the amount of plastic used for the tubes and bottles?

Fear not—MN NAF! owner Jessica Skilar is not only dedicated to making her clients’ hair beautiful, she’s devoted to keeping the planet beautiful, too. Skilar has created plastic-free shampoo and conditioner. Both come in bar form, with versions for oily and dry hair. She uses ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter to make hair look and feel great without using artificial ingredients. Bars cost $18 each and last for about as long as two bottles of product, says Skilar.

“We have reusable towels and reusable mesh strips for balayage. We compost or recycle almost everything we use,” says Skilar.

Skilar recently applied to Powderhorn Shark Tank, a neighborhood version of the TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their product to highly successful business leaders to compete for investors. Skilar currently has her products custom-made in California, and she wants to be able to make them locally so that they can be even more green.

MInja Music Visited MN NAF! Salon!

Minja Music Visited MN NAF! SalonMinja (pronounced Mina) Music spent some time at the salon recently.  She was a kind and warm and confidant woman.  It was so generous of her to do a story about the salon.  MInja writes a blog that highlights beauty and lifestyle with small business owners in Minneapolis in mind.  We originally found each other on Instagram and were excited to find a way to connect in real life with a collaboration.  

Mina is a blogger and a model.  She's a fearless woman who will not let anything stop her from expressing herself creatively and showing the world who she is.  She told me during our meeting about her past in theatre and her draw toward modeling as a form of self expression.  We spoke of body positivity and self acceptance during our visit. How putting yourself out there to the world can feel so vulnerable but if we don't follow our passions, we wither.  We both believe that we need to grow that fearlessness and show others that it's ok to be who you are and express yourself!