5 Tips to prepare for your Bridal Hair Style

1. Make sure you get an AMAZING STYLIST!  Just because you have been loyal to your stylist since your mom brought you for your first grade school picture day haircut does NOT mean that he/she is the best choice for your wedding day.

Bridal UPDOs are a language all their own.  No stylist is neutral about them. They are strictly LOVE/HATE.  If your stylist doesn’t have a passion for Bridal hair and dream of styling beautiful brides in her sleep, don’t ask her to come to you to style you and all of your closest friends on your big day.  Invite her to be a guest but that’s it. Trust me, she’ll thank you for the pardon.

2. Color 1-2 weeks before your big day.  Even though you want it PERFECT, don’t color it less than a week before your wedding.  Allover color has lots of conditioners and shine additives that make it harder for hair to stay put.  Also, if the color is slightly off, you have a week to fix it. If you get your highlights done and they pull brassy, the day before the wedding, you’re not going to push the date out a day or two till you can get in for a fix.  Your walking down that aisle, Goldilocks.

3. Your Stylist Likes it Dirty!  I cannot stress this enough. Say “I Do” to  letting your dirty hair be your shining wedding day jewel!  Dirty hair does what we tell it to do and holds a curl better than clean hair.  You can take a shower, just wear a shower cap. We have amazing products to add to your hair to make it shiny!!!!!!

4. Make sure its DRY.  If you violated TIP 3, or even if you took a shower and your hair accidentally got wet or damp, DRY IT!!!  If you can feel a coolness at your scalp after drying your hair, its not dry. Trust me. Dry it for another five minutes after you normally would consider it to be dry.

5. Know what you want.  I am going to go ahead and assume that you and your chosen stylist have had a consultation. This should include a practice run and lots of pictures.  I like to create a Pinterest Board that the Bride, Bridal Party and myself can both post to, so we can communicate easily.

If your bridesmaids are getting their hair done, make sure they know what they want.  They should have 2-5 photos of hair they like, and they should also save any photos they absolutely hate.  The stylist will never give them exactly what is on the photo, (and as we love to say, we are Beauticians, not Magicians) but having the general idea of what you want is really helpful.  It also helps if the desired style is physically possible with your hair length and type.